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03-27-2013 1:28:09 PM EST
Ian is such a great and professional person to deal with. Highly recommended!! A little rock hit my windshield and caused a bulls-eye crack. After Ian's repair, I even had a difficult time finding that spot! It's invisible now, yay~

Kathy   babette2649@yahoo.com
01-14-2013 11:55:47 AM EST
Ian is the best!!! It was a pleasant experience to deal with such a professional..I recommend him 100%.. and will be lifetime customer.. Cheers !!

10-04-2012 7:50:35 PM EST
IT WAS AMAZING! the service was cheap and good. At first, every repair shop i went to told me that i could not get it fixed but then when i came here they fixed it and they fixed it darn well. the spider shatter was a big size and now its not even visible from the outsite. AMAZING JOB GUYS THANKS SO MUCH! DEFINITELY A BIG HELP!!

07-15-2012 10:01:35 PM EST
I went to Ian to have my headlights restored, as well as the backup lights on my car. He was great to deal with and gave me an unbeatable price for the fantastic work he did. I had no worries leaving my car with him as he did the work. When I came back the lights literally looked like new! I also liked how he made sure that my car didn't get scratched and treated it as if it was his own. 5 stars for Ian.

06-16-2012 4:19:00 PM EST
highly recomend ian. dude took his time and restore my rsx headlights and took care of the car to prevent paint scratch( well taped and plastic).. you will be suprise how the lights came out. i know i was!HIGHLY RECOMEND!

04-24-2012 1:38:43 PM EST
Clark restored my headlights and they ended up looking brand new. Great work and a very friendly guy. He comes highly recommended by me.

04-23-2012 10:14:58 AM EST
Ian nuff respect my headlights a tek life lol. seriously Ian you are amazing, my headlights look great well done. Talk about a perfect gentleman very professional. My headlights look brand new. I drive a BMW 535i 2008 and it would have cost me $850 a piece for a headlight. Ian SAVE me ton of dollars. great job Ian....

03-28-2011 12:14:52 PM EST
This guy is a PRO! I rarely trust anyone I didn't know personally or by recommendation, but after I spoke on the phone with them, decided to give them my business. And the offer was quite reasonable too! I had a small, but quite serious bull's eye-type of crack, right in the middle of my truck's windshield. After the fix (approx. 1 hour, and it was COLD outside), you can barely see a spot. Although still noticeable, it looks nothing like before!!! You have to know there was a crack in order to find it. Ian, you're Da Man! Thank you for the quick response and pro-work! Will gladly recommend to anyone in need of similar work!

Steve ( Acura )
10-27-2010 10:09:45 PM EST
Ian repaired 2 rock chips for me yesterday and man, what a gentleman! a professional who definitely went above and beyond. Took his time to ensure the job was done right the first time, while explaining each step of the process as he did them, answering all questions I had. An honest guy who knew what he was doing, and treated me more like a friend than a mere customer from start to finsh. I would, without any hesitation, recommend him to any body who needs this service as his prices are fair and he takes pride in his work. Thanks Ian!

Gvt1911   bhur45@verizon.net
07-10-2010 12:16:42 PM EST
Had small star crack repaired. Ean is a true professional ! Could not be more pleased with workmanship. He has all the right equipment and the knowledge. Hopefully this will save my windshield and last as long as I have the car. I am 100% happy ! Price was VERY good also !

01-31-2010 3:33:36 PM EST
well 10 days later still perfect no problems

01-21-2010 10:05:20 PM EST
Just fixed my windshield two days ago will get back in 20 days so far great work and one nice gentleman he does go out his way to make sure the job is done to perfection ty

01-20-2010 7:06:31 PM EST
I had a small ding that turned into a giant crack right before I called Clarke. The crack was almost 26 inches long but very clean, radiating out from both sides of the original ding in a straight line. Clarke was able to fix it outside in the snow, and now all you can see is a tiny line where the crack used to be. This saved me a fortune compared to replacing the windshield. I was very pleased with this service and would strongly encourage anyone to give it a try.

12-18-2009 2:15:45 PM EST
This man is amazing, he repaired my car's window many years ago, and everyone i know that has a crack i refer him. He is the best one out there, dont go to anyone else

12-17-2009 6:38:04 PM EST
A perfect gentleman that went way out of his way to do a professional job. You have to call him first before the others, this guy know his business and does it to your satisfaction. Will recommend to everyone.

11-29-2009 3:43:54 PM EST
Very professional and curteous. He did a very thorough job. I was very pleased. You could not find a trace of the crack after he finished. I would recommend it to anyone.

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