Windshield Crack Repair Of Stone Break



Did the chip on your windshield just becomes a crack because you failed to fix it? It may be too late and you may have to replace the windshield costing you lots of money.

The most common types of windshield cracks

Edge crack - This happens when a rock hit too close to the edge of the windshield and create FRIT

Floater crack - This happens when you ignore the chip in the windshield and it spreads in both directions away from the edges. This is the most difficult crack to be repaired.

Stress crack - This happens when a windshield cracks without any visible cause. This is due to faulty windsheld installation by the manufacturer or by a windshield replacement shop. This crack can't be repaired and must be replace.

What we can repair?

We can repair cracks up to 18 inches if it's only a single line clean crack. 

What must not be repaired?

Long cracks that was exposed to windshield washer fluids, car washes, rain, snow must not be repaired due to contamination because the crack will not hold. Please do not call us if the crack is contaminated with the above mentioned.

How to avoid cracks?

Repair the chip as soon as possible.

Here is an example of a clean crack repair. A clean crack repair will leave a CLEAR hairline visibility and prevent it from gettig worse. We do not guarantee crack repair, fix it at your own risk. 




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