Windshield Chip Repair



Windshield chip must be repaired as soon as possible before it becomes a crack.

The longer you wait there's a chance the chip will begin to grow and you may have to replace your windshield. In most cases we can repair the chip if it becomes a crack but you will have to pay more for the repair.

If the chip in your windshield is between the size of a Dime and Half Dollar. It can be repaired. 



We can repair what others can't.




                                                         Before                                              After                            


                                                   Before                                                         After


Why repair?

- Great savings over costly replacement.

- Prevent the chip from turning in to a long crack which may need a replacement.

- It keeps the original factory installation which prevents water leaks.

- Windshield repair can avoid environmental waste since a windshield can't be recycled.

- Windshield repair can be done in minutes while you wait at your home or office.

- Windshield replacement takes too much time to cure and may be unavailabe for a day.

- Windshield repair will restore the optical clarity to your windshield between 80 - 98% and prevent the crack from spreading.


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